«Look at the birds.»


Where am I at today?
I woke up late. I overslept. I missed an appointment with a really good friend. I feel lazier than I have almost ever felt. I have a slightly dry throat that wants me to sniff and swallow every so often to soothe it.

I just got paid. Almost four peanuts. I feel that I’m where I am at for a reason. That reason may or may not be one that I will ever know but it is a reason.

There is a pond near my house I like to sit by and gaze over the water.
«Where is God today?” I ask myself.
 God is outside. God is in the beauty of the wind in the trees. God is the stillness of the pond near my house. God is the chatter of the ducks and the grace of the swan.
“Look at the birds.” He…

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