Face to face


Round and round you go

Tapping on my wall

Looking for a crack

To tear it all down


Knowing it is there

And You, I can tell

While inside I yearn

Hugging Teddy bear


But you aren’t him

And it’s You I need

To place light in me

And thus set me free


Oh come on, I know

I’m able to love

Opening my heart

To sync with your bass


What I’ve done instead

Is loving elsewhere

Going my own way

Slapping You on your face


Your love is so big

My soul it could fill

Resistance I keep

Trapping me within


This time, all along

There’s reason to hope

I always came back

We won’t stay apart


I look back today

And see how I’ve changed

I can feel I’m blessed

You’ve helped me remain


Today I agree

My best I will give

And follow your will

I promise I’m in


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